Senza Sole Tanning Australia was founded and Officially launched in September 2017. 

The inception of the name Senza Sole Tanning Australia was derived from my Italian heritage. The Italian translation of Senza Sole to English is Sunless. Therefore allowing my business to encompass everything to do with Sunless Tanning.

After what seemed to be a life of Skin issues, Vitamin D deficiency and countless hours of damage caused by tanning beds and the Australian sun it was decided something needed to be done to bring back control over my bodys appearance. I needed to become pro active in creating an outcome I was proud of.

As a loving Mother to six my mind, body and soul have endured quite alot of unpleasant outcomes. Ranging from dramatic weight gain/loss, chronic acne, imbalanced skin pH levels, hair gain/loss, aneamia, cervical cancer to mental health issues & body image issues. 

Not unlike any other woman I want for nothing less than a life of health, love & happiness. 

I have found this all through the Businesses I own and my adorable family. 

I have Co Authored a #1 Best Selling Book called #BetterWoman Better  World. I have the ability to empower fellow women to embrace themselves and love every single aspect of themselves.  To receive love we must give love + To give love we must feel love.

I have personally sourced all the products within our Collections with the intent of creating a one stop Sunless Tanning website for products that I use on a daily basis.

Each and every product contains amazing ingredients and best of all my skin doesn't suffer, neither will yours.

Rebekah Ashton


Owner & Founder