Professional Spraytan Booth
Professional Spraytan Booth
Professional Spraytan Booth

Professional Spraytan Booth

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MineTan branded All in One Booth combines a Spray Tan Machine and Clean Air Overspray Extraction in one professional enclosure. Using innovative Micro-Whirlwind Technology, it's the perfect investment for any salon to create a dedicated spray tan area with the latest spray tan technology.

The built-in spray tan machine uses Micro-Whirlwind Technology that creates a powerful flow of continuous smooth air for accurate, streak-free tanning. Coupled with an Intelligent Air-Smart Switch that promotes the perfect air flow, it ensures the same professional tan every time.

Key Features of the All.In.One.Booth

Cyclone Center Technology - Full length industry strength extraction with Aerodynamic Curved Chamber funneling air into a cyclone eye for even tan.
Natural Light Replication - The perfect lighting for 360-degree tanning.
Technician Inspired Design - Single switch control, ergonomic stance and easy to use Slip in - slip out easy clean filter system.

Customize your tanning machine configuration, suitable for any salon space.
Ergonomic design for ease of work and movement.

Small Salon Footprint - Unlike most machines or tents, the All.In.One.Booth focuses on minimizing the use of space.
Flat pack easy setup - Two people can assemble in less than 20 minutes.

1 x MineTan branded All In One Booth Spray Tan Machine & Overspray Reduction booth
2 x Tan.Fresh Air Filters
1 x Excess 3 Spray Tan Applicator Gun
1 x Professional Length 2.5m Air Hose
1 x Power Cord
1 x Connecting Cord Set

Internal Dims: H:1960mm (77") x W: 970mm (38") x D: 770mm (30")
External Dims: H: 2090mm (82") x W: 1040mm (41") x D: 1120 (40")
Weight: 57kg/125lbs 
Cup Capacity: 125mL (4.2 floz)
Power/Airflow of Tanning Machine (RPM): 38000 RPM 
Airflow of Extraction (m3/h): 2700 RPM
Noise: 72db